U.S. v Andre Lavon Taylor (“Little Pimp, Big Mouth”)

The grim reality of Officer Safety

Headline - Pimp Warning

At the request of Las Vegas Metro Vice,  prosecuted a notorious childabusing low-life who called himself “Gorgeous Dre” or alternatively “The Big Pimp”. Metro identified him as a major interstate panderer of juveniles. We learned that the defendant was being featured in the Hughes Brothers (Menace to Society, Dead Presidents, etc.) documentary film “American Pimp, which was then in production. Consequently,  subpoenaed the raw footage and used it against Taylor at trial. Called a hostile Allen Hughes as a Government witness, impeaching him with his prior Grand Jury testimony. This published Ninth Circuit opinion created highly favorable new precedent re: elements of Mann Act, use of government experts on subject of pimp / prostitute relationship. Incredibly, Taylor later surfaced as a guest lecturer for a UNLV Criminal Justice course – taught by his Probation Officer! (with whom I had an animated and lengthy discussion regarding ethics, conflicts of interest, etc.) Only in Vegas.

See U.S. v. Taylor, 239 F3d 994 (9th Cir, 2000) (published opinion)

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2 thoughts on “U.S. v Andre Lavon Taylor (“Little Pimp, Big Mouth”)”

  1. Too bad Nevada overturned the Son of Sam law because now this idiot is making money selling his story on his website, complete with paypal button, bragging about his time as a pimp. He’s also being taken seriously by socialist alternative politicians in Seattle for a whole new scam – running his own nonprofit for profit whinging about his rapist brother who was killed by police. Massive con man, so over the top he’s a caricature.

    1. Del,

      Tell me about it.

      His appearance in the documentary “American Pimp”, which the millionaire producer attempted to portray as his “former” occupation at his trial, was lauded as art by dried-up leftist Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival. (Fortunately, I had previously “persuaded” Mr. Hollywood to admit otherwise, under oath, before a federal Grand Jury. I had to remind him of this during cross-examination.) I was nauseated. Them his pimp father’s novel earned a positive review from – hold on to your seat – the New York Times. Twice nauseated.

      He trafficked juveniles, impregnated his girls, spread STDs, and worse.

      I hope he is truly sorry. Otherwise he remains a POS, destined for hell.

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