U.S. v Frank Darwin Alexander (“Not in the Cards”)

The grim reality of Officer Safety

Prosecuted a defendant who had traveled to Las Vegas from Louisiana to construct and mail pipe bombs and tarot cards to President Clinton at the White House; to Texas televangelist John Hagee in San Antonio, and to the ATF offices in Las Vegas. The Clinton bomb detonated in a Post Office tractor trailer in Washington D.C.; the Hagee bomb detonated at a U.S. Post Office bulk mail center in Dallas; the ATF bomb was recovered at a Las Vegas Greyhound Bus terminal, undetonated. Additional bomb making materials and tarot cards were recovered from the defendant’s hotel room. Alexander pled guilty to several possession and use of destructive devices and was sentenced to life. This defendant ranked with Jerald Burgess (discussed infra), Buford Furrrow (who went on a shooting spree at an L.A. Jewish Day Care Center, then murdered a mailman) and Billy Bright (a scrawny hitman for the New York mob, later murdered in prison himself) as one of the most chilling defendants I’ve stood next to in a courtroom.

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