U.S. v Ricardo Murillo et. al. (“Strange Bedfellows”)

The grim reality of Officer Safety

In 2000, prosecuted Christopher Moseley, husband of DuPont heiress Lisa Dean Moseley, and others for Murder for Hire. Moseley traveled from his Delaware estate to Las Vegas and recruited Diana Hironaga, a former stripper and porn star, to kill Patricia Margello, a drug addict/prostitute and the girlfriend of Lisa Dean Mosley’s son, Dean. Hironaga in turn enlisted Ricardo Murillo, her former boyfriend. The victim was lured to a Strip motel, brutally murdered, and her body literally broken in half and stuffed in an air conditioning duct. (Plans to dismember her were abandoned due to the fact that she reportedly had AIDS). Mosley and Hironaga pled guilty cooperated with the government and testified at Murillo’s trial. He was convicted and received a life sentence. Moseley died in prison. The prosecution was praised by author Dominick Dunne, who covered the trial, and featured the case in his book ”Justice” as well as on his true crime television show. I was again nominated for a Director’s Award for this case.

See U.S. v. Murillo 288 F3d 1126 (9th Cir, 2002) (published opinion)

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