Harry Reid and Bernie Kerik: Please Just go away

There is so much to be pissed off about. I try to keep in to a minimum.  I don’t want to jump the gun without some serious reflection first.  Two things recently “griped my nanny goat” (an Irish expression – I assume – because Dad used to use it). If you’re Irish and you don’t know it, you’re probably a “nipple-nob” or a “hump”.



The 1903 Golden Gloves Flyweight Champion of Searchlight, NV (population about 200 – did he fight a  fly or a bighorn sheep in the finals?).  The poor, pro-abortion Mormon kid has resided at the Ritz Carleton in DC during his tenure as Senior U.S. Senator from Nevada.  He admits he lied about Mitt Romney not paying taxes. But – “he (Romney) lost, didn’t he?”.   The end justifies the means for Harry.

Reid admits lying on CNN

What kind of low life gloats on national TV about lying in order to influence a presidential election?    This was the Senate Majority leader!



From a detective, who somehow got a “contract” (cops will know what that means) to be Guiliani’s chauffeur, directly to Corrections COMMISSIONER and then POLICE COMMISSIONER OF THE PROUD, GREAT, NYPD. WTF?

A corrupt, mob-wannabe flack, and everyone but Rudy apparently knew it.  Now that he’s out of prison he’s promoting a book about – of all things – how oppressive our prison system is. He also wants ALL cops to spend 72 hours in solitary – not just the corrupt ones like him.

Moreover, he’s whining that Rudy won’t talk to him anymore.  Gee, I wonder why? Rudy pushed him for Head of Homeland Security – of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. That didn’t make him look too stupid, did it?

This guy has got be one of the the biggest douchebags to ever disgrace the badge.

Kerik Interview on Today

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