It’s been awhile.  After a fairly placid period, I am starting to get really pissed off again. Mass murder by ISIS (no surprise), but now mass m under of our police, right here in the U.S.A.  Then came the Philly Phreak Show.  Boy, I was on the fence regarding who to vote for (not really) until all the ultra-priviledged Beautiful People – the Hollywood megalomaniacs – showed up in Philly on their private jets (while preaching against climate change) with their entourage of armed security (while preaching against my right to protect my family with a firearm) railing against the systematic assassinations of our police, arm in arm with their widows (wait – I must have missed that part) and dictating their opinions (based on their invaluable real-world experience, derived from making believe they are someone they are not for a living)…..anyway, now I know who I am NOT voting for. Thanks, Hollywood. P.S. All of you hypocrites who bought up millions of acres of land in the West, originally acquired by genocide – please return it to their rightful owners ASAP. Again, thanks, I knew I could count on you.

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