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8 thoughts on “POPs Greatest Hits (Shut Down, Vol I) “We could have done anything with our lives””

  1. About a week ago, my 21 yr. Old grandson showed me your article about your early years as an SCPD patrol officer, it was great reading. It brought back some fond memories. I remember when you spoke to me about your leaving the PD and going to the DA’s office, you asked me what I thought about it. I remember telling you that it would be a good move since a legal career would open a lot of doors for you. I’m very happy to see your great success and hope you continue to do well. I hope you and your family stay healthy and happy.

    1. Sarge (“CDR”), i am so gratified to hear from you. It literally bought a tear (or two) to my eye. On some level, I wish I had never left you guys. I could go on and on about our escapades serving the public as cops were meant to (decades ago). Third Pct., Squad 12 – you were our leader. We knew you always had our backs. I will never forget the situation we had with a “barricaded subject”, who turned out to be NYPD, firing shots from inside his house. We had the place covered, then ES showed up (I won’t mention names, but rest assured, I remember them – no disrespect to ES intended …long story, but their Top Gun was a friend of mine, and he and my father helped get one of our guys assigned there). Anyway, they started getting ready to take the guy out. You said “fuck this, he’s on the job”, or, in all likelihood, more civil words to that effect. And you said “I’m going in”. I knew you did not wear a vest, and so I offered you mine. You gave me a dirty look and kept walking, into the house. A few minutes later – it seemed much longer – you had the City cop out. No more shots fired. CDR, you had balls of brass. I was lucky to have you as my first Sgt., since I could sometimes “overreact” a bit myself (usually at the instigation of Kenny or Bullet, RIP). I am thrilled to have heard from you. I wish you the best, hope you are well, and thank you for your service. Your friend, Tom.

  2. It certainly was a great time in all of our lives and I personally cherish every single moment of it. We developed friendships based on common experiences that have lasted a lifetime. It was a great ride and I’m a better person, and cop, for working with you both and having the honor of being your friend.

  3. Tom, Very proud of your accomplishments….truly a sterling career!! You and my late husband would have enjoyed discussing the law…..in addition to my late brother in law, Doug LeVien, from the late Joe Hynes D.A. of Brooklyn Office! Doug was the famous “Gold Bug” when Gold was Brooklyn D.A. I taught Law Electives at HHH from 1983 to 1998, the year I retired, and moved to Delray Beach.

    1. Thank you to one of my favorite teachers. You encouraged political/current events discourse among high school kids – teenagers – which fostered an interest in the adversarial process in some of us. BTW, I started a Brehon Society in Suffolk County before moving West and I believe Mr. Hynes was one of our guest speakers after I’d departed.

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