I felt very sorry for the honorable Robert Mueller during his testimony before Congress a couple of weeks ago.

And I mean “honorable” as a descriptive adjective, not a title.

I knew Mr. Mueller professionally, and have always admired him.  He is a decorated USMC hero in Vietnam.   A prosecutor’s prosecutor (including NDCA, one of the districts where I worked).  A Director of the FBI.

The POP with then FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Mueller is obviously failing.  His testimony was painful to watch.

I do not know why he hired this team of jackals, or who hired them for him. Their bias was off the scale. “Mueller’s team does have 13 registered Democrats and no registered Republicans, and several team members made donations to Clinton’s campaign in various amounts.”…/fact-checking-donald…/

Andrew Weissman, who by all accounts ran the investigation, has the distinction of being unanimously reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court for what amounted to misconduct in the Enron/Arthur Anderson case. In 2016, he actually attended Hillary’s “victory” party – whoops.  But best of luck on your book deal, Andy.  More money to contribute to your liberal colleagues and move your political agenda forward and America’s future backward.  

Does anyone think that stacking the investigative team 100 % with Hillary supporters AND donors made their “findings” credible?   Stop.  This was no criminal investigation, it was a political hit job.

I am truly saddened that Robert Mueller, a great American, will likely be remembered for this ignominious episode in American history.    Recall POW/hero Admiral James Stockdale and his regrettable performance in the 1992 Vice-Presidential debate.

The vipers on the left had a field day mocking a man whose jockstrap their anatomies could not fill on their best day.

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