Fear And Loathing In Philadelphia

Philadelphia – “the city of brotherly love”.    Maybe once upon a time, but not yesterday.

That’s where the latest installment of our national epidemic of violence occurred, via a career criminal, Maurice Hill.

Cop Hater Maurice Hill

Flaccid Prosecutions

This mutant’s rap sheet reflects what a judge whom I tried many cases before would call “farcical state sentences”, when gang bangers from Los Angeles were banged themselves with federal sentences beyond their imaginations.

Hill’s incredible record of priors arrests is replete with dismissal after dismissal, sprinkled with a few 1 and 2 year sentences, in state courts.  The disgraceful number of dismissals, of nearly every charge under the sun – including attempted murder – lay at the feet of weak prosecutors and judges.

The dismissals included nearly every charge under the sun – including attempted murder.   He should have been locked away long ago.

Click on this link and see for yourself.


One Meaningful Prosecution

The only meaningful prosecution of HILL was by federal authorities, who in 2008 charged him with FELON IN POSSESSION OF FIREARMS.  All convicted felons are prohibited from possessing firearms.

So a criminal violated existing federal law.  Shocking!

After serving his time – 55 months – he was placed on 3 years of supervised release.   Of course he violated the terms by possessing controlled substances with intent to distribute them i.e. dealing dope.   Which was the basis of the search warrant that the police were in the process of executing when he went on his rampage yesterday.

A criminal who broke the law, again.  Shocking!

Of course,  yesterday, he again illegally possessed firearms – while trying to kill as many police as he could.

Shouldn’t we make that illegal?  Oh right, it is.  But criminals, by definition, break the law.  Don’t they?

Not My Fault

This morning the District Attorney, who looked like a deer in the headlights, blamed the cops, former District Attorneys, the Fraternal Order of Police, and everyone but Lee Harvey Oswald for Hill’s presence on the street.

The mayor criticized the government for “not standing up to the NRA”.  What planet is this guy on?

Days Of Rage

As further evidence of the deterioration of our society and the erosion of our culture, “the community” harassed, taunted and – if you look closely – assaulted the police trying to protect them.


Modern “Community” Policing

This was reminiscent of the “community” shooting at firemen who were attempting to put out the conflagrations, which they started themselves, in their own neighborhoods in New York in the 60’s.

I also found it interesting that one reporter made a throwaway comment, after all the BS about the all-night hostage negotiations, including his lawyer and a DA.  She said “it was the tear gas that got him out”.

In my opinion FLIR, flashbangs, and canine units could end many barricaded subject calls swiftly.  That’s a subject for another day.





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