New Attorney General

So the President nominates Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney for the EDNY, to succeed outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder. After giving lip service to a litany of typical matters which constitute DOJ’s mission: the POTUS was constrained to add “all while vigorously defending Civil Rights”. “Fast and Furious”, the IRS scandal, murder epidemic in Chicago, etc, …

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Mr. Holder, I Hardly Knew Ye; or “Election Day Blues”

So I’m done with all the “platform” stuff. If you’ve browsed  the “pages”, you either think I have the experience to talk out of an orifice other than my ass, or you think I’m just another wannabe pundit, like the seeming thousands of “former prosecutors” on cable TV, who qualify as legal “experts” by virtue …

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Who Is The Pissed Off Prosecutor?

Thomas O’Connell spent nearly 30 years in law enforcement, as a police officer and Assistant District Attorney in New York, and as an Assistant United States Attorney in both Las Vegas, Nevada, and San Jose, California, retiring from the U.S. Department of Justice in 2013. Arguably, his most interesting experiences occurred during his 13 year …

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