Free lunch – and more – for everyone!

More free stuff!  Gee, thanks President Obama. (Can I get a rebate for the tuition I paid at Suffolk Community College?)

A special thank you to the professors, groundskeepers,  clerical workers and all other staff (especially my fellow kitchen peons) for making this all possible by agreeing to work for free from now on!

If Community College wasn’t free, students might have to drive 30 minutes to school at 7:30 a.m., take 3-4 straight hours of the earliest morning classes possible, then run directly to the Student Union at 12:00 to spend 4 hours scrubbing giant vats with steaming water in the back of the cafeteria kitchen, then at 4:00 hustle directly to wrestling practice (usually a few minutes late) and endure 2 grueling hours.

Then……after practice, at around 6:00, make the 30 minute drive home, grab a quick dinner, study for a while, pass out, wake up – and do it all over again.

Plus drive to and from Flushing on weekends to work at Shea Stadium. Not to mention wrestling matches a few nights a week, and the occasional weekend tournament.

Oh wait, that’s exactly what I did.

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