U.S. v Gregory Richard Barker (“Solved Mystery”)

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Headline - Barker
In 1991, tried notorious suspected serial killer – apprehended via “Unsolved Mysteries” television broadcast – for three bank robberies committed in Las Vegas eight years earlier, while a fugitive on a Virginia murder charge. Defendant, a decorated former U.S. Army Captain and Vietnam veteran, was convicted after a challenging trial, and subsequently pled guilty to the murder in Virginia. Barker remained a suspect in murder of the daughter of an FBI agent in Arizona.

See U.S. v, Barker, 88 F2d 77 (9th Cir.1993 ) (published opinion)

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    1. It was a great case, in large part due to the work of a hard-charging young FBI agent and West Point grad, Skip Wilkes. He had to track down witnesses to crimes committed 8 years earlier, when Barker was a fugitive for a Virginia murder (to which he later pled guilty). This in a city of transients. The same agent played a crucial role – and almost drew me into fisticuffs, or perhaps vice versa – in the Wynn case.

      1. He was my captain in Vietnam. Little gung up for my taste. I actually carried his radio at times. I was head Rto in Cambodia. What ever happened to him. Did he die in prison? When and how. Phil ferrazano Vietnam vet

        1. Phil…I do not know if he is still alive. As I said, after we convicted him of the three Las Vegas bank robberies, the authorities in Virginia pled him out to the murder of Hilda Roche. They implored us to convict him so that they would have a stronger case. Lots of big talk, interviews, TV appearances, etc. – you won’t be surprised to know that I was…”Pissed Off”. Merry Christmas and thank you for your wartime service.

          1. Thanks. I bet you were ticked off..i started to think of him while writing a book. My 1st..true story. FACING THE WALL. AN INFANTRYMAN’S POST VIETNAM MEMOIR. THIS ONE NOW IS..Alamo Joe
            Based on true events. Last I recall of Barker was when we were attacked in cambodia. I was hit but was firing into WOODLINE. I heard him yelling not to shoot because they could see our tracers. He was on other side of PERIMITER from where I was. Sometimes carried a radio for him. Anyway last I saw of him. I thought I read he died. Place in hell for him. HAPPY NEW YEAR and thanks for the good work and your service. PHIL FERRAZANO. FORMER ROT co. A. 2/60TH INFANTRY 9TH DIV. VIETNAM 1970

        2. Phil, there is a guy on TikTok who was in prison with him. His Tik Tok account name is: second_chancer and his name is: Jesse Crosson

          Im a gulf-war era Vet and was was a Veteran Service Officer for two different counties in CA and now help Veterans on a voluntary basis get the VA benefits they earned. I’m also an associate Vietnam Veterans of America member for life. I think you might get some interesting info from this guy. also I hope you have obtained all of the benefits you earned. I am grateful for your service and am thankful you made it home 🙏 Thank You! Hannah.

      2. Just saw that you replied way back when. The Wynn case was certainly a roller coaster ride, but I’d do it all over again. We had a good team. You still in Vegas? If yes – let me know and I’ll buy you an adult beverage of your choice next time I’m in town. BTW – pretty sure you were the protagonist in the near fisticuffs!!

        1. We had a good team indeed. You were a rookie when I got you assigned to Barker, remember? Do you remember why? I have a vague recollection of maligning West Point in a (successful) attempt to goad you. You see, they screwed me when we wrestled there – I got moved to heavyweight and….long story. Where is Mike?

  1. Just wondering did Barker die in prison? Reading about and again seeing a repeat on unsolved mysteries about him, got me wondering. In my new book, Alamo Joe, one character is a gung ho Captain during Cambodia. I surely thought of him when writing. I saw one time where mentioned he died. Not much about it. Sure dont want the guy released and looking up old platoon members. Good work with him. PHIL Ferrazano.

  2. I may have known Barker at Ft Huachuca in 1973. I would like ti know if he is still alive. I suspect him of working with the Mexican Drug cartel headed up by Pedro Perez. Which were running drugs thru a tunnel from Aqua Prieta to Douglas back then. They finally “discovered” the in 1991.

  3. A fellow on Tiktok (@secondchancer) (I think) got out of prison in Virginia 7 months ago. Greg Barker was his cell mate for a while and he has no idea of his crimes! Barker did die in prison.

  4. Barker died in 2013. I called the prison to verify it.
    In remembering my interactions with him, I am sure he was working for the Mexican Cartel out of Agua Prieta MX: either has a hitman or at least a Birddog. As no one else could have known where I was.

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