Maris – still 61!  

My April 13, 2011 office shrine to NYY Roger Maris.  This photo was taken on the day Barry Bonds became a felon, courtesy of my buddy from New York, Matt Parrella.

Believe it or not, a few colleagues – I obviously wouldn’t consider them friends – took offense. I mean, a fellow AUSA has just won a major case!    And Matt and I are both Yankee fans.  Below is my favorite page from the Yankee yearbook my father bought me at my first game at the Stadium!

One day, Dad brought me out to Shea Stadium early (as he always did) so we could watch the Cardinals, and their newest addition  –  former Yankee Roger Maris – take pre-game BP.  Roger jacked ball after ball out of the park.

Yet a handful of people in my office strained mightily to find racism – as I suspect they would in most any place they looked – in my simple tribute to Yankee Pride and my buddy Matt’s victory.  Fake outrage run amuck, still running strong today.  I just chalked it up to the predictable divisions in modern America.  Believe it (i.e. CNN) or not, this did not start with Donald Trump.

And in case you’re wondering,.. yes, to my mind, the other record is still 755.  No offense to Hammerin’ Hank Aaron is intended here.   That one just was not as near and dear to my heart.  It did not remind me of my Dad, or the Stadium, or the Bronx.  I did not clutch a Hank Aaron mitt in my hand as I rooted against Roger’s juiced-up challengers.  It was my 1963 Spalding “Roger Maris MVP” model.  Dad bought it for me at County Sports in Levittown, N.Y..

And the 755 mark did not result in a movie (” ’61”) that still brings tears to my eyes. Like I said, I’m from the Bronx – not Milwaukee.

Anyhow – way to go Matt – that was a day for the books.

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