New Attorney General

So the President nominates Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney for the EDNY, to succeed outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder. After giving lip service to a litany of typical matters which constitute DOJ’s mission: the POTUS was constrained to add “all while vigorously defending Civil Rights”.

“Fast and Furious”, the IRS scandal, murder epidemic in Chicago, etc, etc.. Not important.

Civil Rights.

One of Lynch’s proudest achievements, according to Obama – prosecuting a cop who assaulted a prisoner with a broomstick. The sentence: 30 years. How many murderers get 30 years in New York? Or Chicago?  How many first time offenders – zero priors – charged with assault get 30 years in New York?   What does this tell you?

If I was a cop, I’d find a nice quiet spot to eat doughnuts for the next two years and see what happens in 2016. Sorry, public safety.

Remember the VAST powers of appointment the President possesses next time you vote, and how they can directly affect you

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