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The Pissed Off Prosecutor has finished its first podcast: Vegas Fed.

So here are six 30 minute audio episodes about what was, arguably, the “biggest” criminal case, and trial, in Las Vegas history. The kidnapping of casino boss Steve Wynn’s daughter. He paid $1.45 million in ransom for her release.

The case was quite a challenge for a relatively new federal prosecutor–me.

However, I had the advantage of having had worked for a few years with cops in NY who were a lot tougher (and crazier) than most FBI agents. More importantly, I has been one of them myself, briefly (SCPD 3rd. Pct. Squad 12 – 1982-1984).

Okay, I don’t like to brag, but in those 2 years I made about 100 arrests, got 5 commendations, was involved, sort of, in a shootout, and was sued for “brutality” by Thomas Ferry, brother of the national president of the Pagans OMG, Paul Ferry (aka “Ooch”).

The legendary Kenny Hamilton and I thereafter nicknamed Thomas “Ouch”.

The podcast is intended to be an inside look at how investigations, particularly local/fed “cooperative” endeavors, proceed.

And of course the backdrop is Las Vegas, Sin City, the Strip.

So, here is a memoir of a big time case in Las Vegas, ramrodded by the humble former 321 footman, who managed to get into all kinds of hijinks thanks to the cops he worked with (and loved) in the early 1980’s, and thereafter as an ADA.

Enjoy some Las Vegas history, and share if you think the effort worthy.

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