Vegas Fed Podcast Review

The Vegas Fed podcast has received a fantastic review from best selling author Rebecca Forster.  I’m flattered and very appreciative.

Glenn Gallo turned me on to this wonderful crime podcast by Tom O’Connell. Part cop, part prosecutor, exquisite storyteller. This is Vegas Crime at it’s best and Tom lived it all.
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  1. Great listening, interesting, and informative. A “true crime” investigation presented by a veteran law enforcement professional that demonstrates just how intricate an investigation must be even if the evidence In the case is pointing overwhelmingly towards a verdict of guilty. Hopefully, more cases will be addressed by Mr . O’Connell….

  2. From chasing dirtbags, burglars and gang members in Bayshore,Brentwood and Central Islip N.Y. to prosecuting the underbelly slime of the Vegas strip , Tom has devoted his life to Law enforcement. A fierce defender of our constitution, a voice for the unheard and a product of good American values. Looking forward to reading more posts soon.

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