The Truth About Our Immigration “Policy”

OK, here is how it works, based on personal knowledge. The Border Patrol has a “catch and release” policy. They detain and transport illegals – back to Mexico – NUMEROUS times before they go to the trouble of a legal proceeding – deportation. (The number of “releases” depends on the particular federal District –  Yuma Sector, AZ, used to be 10.)

Why is deportation important? Because the next time the illegal alien returns to the U.S after a deportation he is in violation of 8 USC 1326: Illegal Re-entry of a Previously Deported Alien. The sentences can be astronomical, depending on his priors – that is, IF the crime is a state offense and IF the federal Government becomes aware of the detainer and grabs up the illegal alien…which they can’t do if the “sanctuary” cities don’t honor their detainer. Many of these guys have multiple priors. The ones that actually get prosecuted often get 10+ years in federal prison. Then, after a long and fairly comfortable federal sentence they are deported……and often come back AGAIN and AGAIN. And so it goes…..I had a drug defendant who went for his gun when the DEA bust signal was given during a 5 kilo deal designated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons to a non-secure “camp” – they lived and ate with American servicemen at Nellis Air Force Base in Vegas.  Shameful!  Needless to say, after a short while he sauntered away,  back to Mexico.

As I’m sure most of you realize, we spend at least $40K/year per prisoner. This does NOT account for court costs during the often lengthy, seemingly endless process – U.S Marshals housing, feeding, guarding, and transporting them back and forth to court. FREE Federal Public Defenders representing them at taxpayer expense (of course). Prosecutors, judges, Spanish translators. Then the free appeals. It is unbelievable how the courts are jammed with these 1326 cases. That’s why we need to stop them AT the border (not chase them through the desert AFTER they’ve breached it) and avoid all of the above.

Moreover, U.S. Border Patrol agents often have to corral a dozen or more illegals and their “Coyotes” at one time. They are trained in tracking, literally like Indians.  And their nearest backup could be miles away. Luckily, most of the illegals come peacefully (probably because they know about catch and release). But as an ex-cop. I would not want to have to watch a dozen pairs of hands while I am trying to make arrests. A VERY, VERY dangerous job – and it doesn’t have to be.

A porous border is no border at all.

The Chinese figured it out before Christ was born.  Are you telling me we can’t?

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  1. Our immigration policy is a politically motivated joke that is destroying the legitimacy of our national sovereignty. The allegation that objections to the current status quo are based on “hatred” is a canard that is alleged by maniacal elected officials who benefit from the chaos of what has become an open border. No one has an absolute “right” to enter this country. Either we thrive as a nation of laws enacted by the popular consent of citizens, or we perish due to the ethical decline of our political class.

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