The “Greatest” Clay/Ali


It’s pathetic going through Muhammed Ali’s  “highlights”, recently posted on Facebook.  Beating a virtual amateur (Leon Spinks) a light heavyweight (Bob Foster) a washed up, gut-shot fighter (Cleveland Williams), and his own mostly European “Bum of the Month Club”.

Got knocked down by Doug Jones, knocked out by Henry Cooper, out-punched 300-100 by Jimmy Young (yet “won”). Put him in with Frazier and Norton and he takes 6 beatings – those 6 fights alone prelude GOAT status. Joe Louis, Larry Holmes, and the Klitchkos all ruled for a decade. Marciano never lost.  Stop.

On a personal level, he was a member of a racist, lunatic cult, deemed a “hate group” by both the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.  Read about their founding and insane “religious” tenets in this iconic treatise, if you DARE.

And if you don’t fear the truth, listen to his words,  from his own mouth.

Go to about 16:30 re: “Holy War”; 20:00 re: Malcolm X; 33:00 re: race relations. Really eye-opening. Unless your eyes are shut tight.

He was no “devout” Black Muslim either – if there ever was one – cheated on all of his wives.

Racist, hypocrite, and overrated fighter.

Now a socio-political folk hero.  His boxing record does not hold up as the “GOAT”.  Not even close.   Was there for The Fight of the Century.





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