The Nevada Athletic Commission Strikes Again

The Nevada Athletic Commission Strikes Again

Yes, it’s back to boxing, and the Nevada Athletic Commission – they strike yet again!

Former Las Vegas FBI agent and NAC Commissioner Bobby Bennett really screwed the pooch on this one, and on national TV.


Last Saturday former champ Andrew Maloney “lost” his rematch with current WBA super flyweight champ Joshua Franco at the MGM Grand.

But the “loss’ was a travesty.

Referee Russell Mora stopped the fight after the second round, ruling that Franco’s closed eye was due to an accidental head-butt in the first round, and he declared the bout a no-decision. Thus, Franco retained the title he had previously taken from Maloney.

The only problem: as was obvious to all who watched the fight, there was no head butt.


Thereafter, the Commission turned to their new replay technology – for almost 30 minutes.  During a live national television broadcast.

ESPN actually showed Bennett at ringside, watching replay after replay along with “replay official” Robert Byrd, and communicating on a phone.

Announcers Joe Tessitore, Andre Ward, and Timothy Bradely were apoplectic, mocking the Commission, the process, and Bennett, who devoted nearly 1/2 hour of air time before making what was clearly the wrong call: backing the referee and denying Maloney his title.


Veteran promoter Bob Arum was also losing it, and when asked what he was going to do about the clear injustice, replied  “Get the fuck out of Vegas”.

I’ve written about the Las Vegas’ history in the boxing world and the Nevada Athletic Commission several times on this blog.

Here’s one:

For more just doing a word search for “boxing” on this blog.


Here’s the ironic, and pathetic, part.  Maloney has appealed his screwing – to the NAC!  After watching Commissioner Bennett personally reviewing the tapes for a half hour while waiting…and waiting…and waiting…to see the main event (Terrance Crawford vs. Kell Brook) Bennett backed his ref.

And now he’ll preside over the appeal process?

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