The Mayweather McGregor Fight and the NAC: “So much money”

Mayweather McGregor Will Happen

The Mayweather McGregor fight and the Nevada Athletic Commission: So much money! The drums are beating for a Mayweather showdown with Conor McGregor.

Mayweather McGregor Mayweather McGregor

Well, the POP has been underground.  Long before the Presidential election, I had been suffering chronic Primary Fatigue.  I was then overwhelmed by post-election vitriol.  I thought after November, it would be over.  Thought.

The madness has been like nothing I’ve witnessed since Nixon’s 49 states to 1 landslide over McGovern in 1972.   I still remember the bumper stickers that proclaimed “Don’t Blame Me – I’m from Massachusetts”.

So I began “Fixing A Hole” – that is, I burrowed myself away for fear of being dragged into unpalatable, maliciously partisan politics.

Then came the Holidays, and I almost came out of my metaphorical den.  But I didn’t.  Groundhog Day came and went, and like Punxsutawney Phil, I retreated back inside to safety.

Now that the Feast of St. Patrick has also come and gone, I’ve decided it’s time to get back to business.

I thought I’d ease myself into the process with something on the lighter side (comparatively).  The subject is Boxing and Las Vegas – which consistently pisses me off.

I addressed the “Sweet Science” previously in this forum, accurately predicting that the manically overhyped “Fight of the Century” – Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao – would be a yawn-fest.   Of course, it was – so much so that it seriously damaged the credibility of boxing and the next several Pay Per View fights.  I warned you not to buy the hype!

Well, Floyd and the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) are at it again. The drums are beating for a Mayweather showdown with the Notorious One – UFC champion Conor McGregor.  I won’t make a prediction on this one just yet, because it’s remotely possible that it will never happen.  I’m merely reporting what I’ve been observing about the making of the fight.

UFC President Dana White was dismissing the possibility of this contest back in 2016.  As recently as January he said “…the chances are about the same as me being the backup quarterback for Brady on (Super Bowl) Sunday.”  That position has been evolving since.

While the two principles continued to hype the fight, constantly jabbing one another verbally and on social media, White publicly offered them $25 million each plus a share of pay-per-view revenues.  Not even close to Floyd and Conor’s asking price.

Then, a few weeks ago, White told Conan O’Brien “… there’s so much money involved, I just don’t see how it doesn’t happen.”  He had obviously hit the nail on the head.

“So much money…”.

Of course,  Mayweather purportedly retired in 2015.  And the NAC has denied McGregor a boxing license due to his fracas with Nate Diaz at the press conference preceding their UFC fight last August. Too many obstacles to Mayweather McGregor, right?

“So much money…”.

Rumors have been recently circulating that the T-Mobile Arena, built for the new NHL Las Vegas Golden Knights, had been reserved to host the extravaganza on June 10.  A week ago, the playful Floyd – who lives in Las Vegas, and whose last 14 fights have been in Vegas, unconvincingly announced that he wanted the fight to take place in Russia.  Uh-oh.

“So much money…”.

Last week McGregor’s disciplinary fine for the Diaz brouhaha (originally reported to be $150,000 but apparently halved to $75,000 plus 50 hours of community service) was again reduced by the NAC, to $25,000 and 25 hours of community service.  Shocking!

In announcing the reduction of the Irishman’s fine,  the Chairman of the NAC went on to add that the Commission “most likely would” approve the fight.  Really?  Shocking!

In order to insure that Floyd wasn’t slighted by his generosity to Conor, the Chairman justified the Commission’s green light by making one of the most ridiculous, and probably the most obsequious, statement of all time regarding boxing: that Floyd Mayweather is “…the best boxer, probably, of all time…”.   Really?  Shocki….. Never mind.

“So much money…”

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  1. Hey mr. O’Connell great work love reading your articles I’m tom grossos grandson frankie bobby grossos son …much respect to you hope all is well!

    1. Frankie – great to hear from the Grossos. Your family and the Gallos played such a profound role in my life…I was so sad to hear about your grandfather – “Big Tommy” – passing. My Dad would say his old partner in the 43 Squad had “hands like Italian hams” I think he may have seen him use them once or twice in the good old Bronx. They may have been among “The Greatest Generation” of the NYPD.

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