Las Vegas – My Kind Of Town – Doctors and Judges and Lawyers……Oh My!

John Bailey


Back in 1990, a few weeks before I moved to Las Vegas to become a federal prosecutor, a horrendous crime occurred there.  An FBI agent walked in on an armed bank robbery.  He didn’t walk out.  The bank robber, Jose Echavarria, got the drop on John Bailey and murdered him.

Now, almost 30 year later, Bailey’s killer has been granted a new trial by the 9th Circus Court of Appeals.  The reason?   The  judge who presided over the killer’s murder trial had been investigated for corruption – by the murdered agent.

Some bizarre, convoluted judgment persuaded the appellate court that this denied the murderer a fair trial.

Don’t believe me?  Read on.

The political hackery that pervades the legal system in Nevada and the Ninth Circuit is intolerable.

BTW, in 2007, the Las Vegas FBI dedicated its new headquarters to Bailey – the John Lawrence Bailey Memorial Building.



At least we can rely on our medical professionals.

Whoops.   Today’s local Las Vegas Review Journal reported a story relating the death of a judge – at the hands of a doctor.  The shocker is that this guy has actually been “disciplined”.

“Holper may not apply for reinstatement of his medical license for three years.”

I published a column on July 7 about Las Vegas medical professionals.   One “doctor” I mentioned was Michael Kaplan, who could have killed yours truly by botching a prostate biopsy, which revealed that I had cancer.

A few years later, he was sentenced to federal prison for a term of four years reusing dirty needles (unrelated to my case of malpractice).

He too was “disciplined”.

“The Nevada Board of Medical Examiners briefly suspended his license in March 2011 during the investigation into his reuse of medical equipment…”

But wait….there’s more!

“These days Kaplan is known by his Twitter handle: “@doctorgetbig.  These days Kaplan, 61, has become an Internet pitchman for a line of male enhancement products that he has developed.”

And the beat goes on in Sin City.


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