Fox News, Indeed

Here’s one for the books. Andre Taylor, he of child exploitation/rape fame. Pimp. Denizen of Seattle–the home of “CHOP”–made an emotional TV appearance last night on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. You know, Hannity, “Mr. Law and Order.”

I continue to be baffled by Fox News. They regularly feature convicted felons as trusted guests. Mark Fuhrman? Bernie Kerik? Saturday they added Michael Milliken to their stable. (Okay, two of those three were pardoned–which may actually make it worse).

Then there are the regular caricatures–like “Geraldo” and the grotesque loudmouth Nancy Grace.

But back to the “Big Pimp”, aka “Gorgeous Dre.” He appeared on Hannity as a confident/spiritual advisor to the poor, forlorn Horace Anderson. He is the bereaved father of a kid murdered during Seattle’s “Summer of Love” block party.

Apparently, Hannity was (I would hope) blissfully unaware of exactly who Taylor is. Lately, he’s a lower case Sharpton/Jackson conman. He’s a “community activist”. Why? Because his violent felon brother–“Che” (I’m not making that name up)–was killed by Seattle police while reaching for a gun during a drug surveillance.

Hannity did 40 minutes on this last night. He was practically weeping.

He got played.

Taylor would have peddled Hannity’s daughter (to whom he referred) on every block in the nation-wide prostitution “circuit” before she was 14, if he’d had the chance.


The post-interview virtue signaling contest between Hannity, Dan Bongino, “Geraldo,” and Pete Hegseth nauseated me.

I really don’t know what else to say. I tried to contact Hannity, to no avail.

God help us.

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