Canelo, Conor, and the Commission


I was about ready to congratulate the Nevada Athletic Commission for suspending Saul “Canelo” Alvarez as a result of two positive PED (performance enhancing drugs) tests.

But hold on.

Bear in mind that this is a Commission with a long history of doing the wrong thing – I’ve addressed that history here several times.

From their exploitaiton of an elderly, deranged Joe Louis, up to and including the day he died; to the Mancini-Duk Koo Kim tragedy; to Larry Holmes’ pitiful annihilation of a wretchedly over-the-hill Muhammed Ali; to licensing convicted rapist Mike Tyson after his release from prison…..

More recently, the Mayweather-Pacquiao farce; the Mayweather-McGregor travesty; and the horrendous judging in the GGG-Canelo draw…

Not to mention the persistent pandering and machinating to the benefit of the “Pretty Boy” (and Vegas’ coffers) through the years…

I couldn’t believe that the big rematch with GGG would be cancelled!

Then to my surprise…wait, oh silly me.  Of course it wasn’t cancelled  – it was merely postponed.

Now the rematch is tentatively scheduled for September.

The aging, seemingly fading GGG (37) will be that much older.  Advantage to the 27 year old, juiced up Canelo.

Rewarded for apparently cheating.

The Las Vegas Review Journal agrees.

Canelo is reportedly worth $24 million.  Bad meat?  C’mon.

Check out the Bleacher Report’s coverage of Canelo at 154 against Shane Mosely, and Canelo at 160 against GGG.  http//


Really?  Only 6 pounds heavier?  Each of his arms looks 3 pounds heavier to me.

But go ahead Saul, make millions beating an aging Champion.  If the match is made in Nevada, you don’t even have to fight fair.



Then there is The Notorious One.

His meltdown/blowup in NYC suggests he is either on the juice himself or criminally insane.

I am surprised the UFC is still thriving.  It’s two biggest draws are likely gone.  Rhonda Rousey, whose star burned out quickly, is now a fake wrestler.   And McGregor’s days seem numbered.

(He had a big problem jumping from 145 to 170 -ask Nate Diaz – and I suspect he is either tired of making 145 or simply can’t anymore.  That is Sugar Ray Robinson territory, and he is no Sugar Ray Robinson.)

Which brings me to Dana White.

I don’t know Dana, but we have a lot in common, I think we’d like each other.  Unless he reads my posts.

We have many of the same foibles – like a big mouth and an Irish temper.

McGregor made headlines earlier this month when he and a band of thugs attacked a bus full of UFC fighters at the Barclay Center two days before UFC 223.  They threw objects – including a metal handtruck/dolly – by McGregor himself – and injured several people.  Three fights had to be cancelled.  McGregor was arrested by the NYPD.  His charges are pending.

Dana White called the rampage the “most disgusting act in history of UFC”.

When asked whether McGregor would fight in the UFC again, White responded “I honestly don’t know the answer to that question.”

When asked if he still wants to be in the Conor McGregor business, White responded “Right now, no, absolutely not.”

A few days later: “We talked. It’s good,” White said. “I think that there’s a mutual respect between us and, obviously this week, I had so many things thrown at me. To focus on this show was insane. We’ll get back and we’ll focus on Conor McGregor.”

At least Dana didn’t have a handtruck thrown at him.

Dana has a history of making pronouncements in the heat of the moment.  Back in 2016, he was dismissing any possibility of a McGregor-Mayweather fight, saying the  “…the chances are about the same as me being the backup quarterback for Brady on (Super Bowl) Sunday.”

That position subsequently evolved into this remark to Conan O’Brien: “… there’s so much money involved, I just don’t see how it doesn’t happen.”

“So much money…”.

Of course, White got on board, and the Nevada Commission did their dance,  gave a predictably enthusiastic thumbs up, and the so called “fight” happened.

Just as he’d once vowed that women would never compete in the UFC – until along came Rhonda Rousey, who made the organization a bundle.



Next it will be the Commission’s turn to either act justly, or maybe punish McGregor’s next opponent, a la Canelo,  for Conor’s own bad behavior.

Sometimes I have to wonder why the NAC even bothers.


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