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Thank you, gods of boxing.

A REAL  fight!

A certain Las Vegas sports writer is whining about those who look forward to Canelo vs GGG as a sign that boxing may not be dead. Huh?

His contention is that the only reason anyone would criticize recent “fights” including:

  • Pretty Thug Floyd vs Pacquiao – see prior prescient column re: this fiasco
  • Thug vs Berto – one judge had a shutout 12 rounds  to none …c’mon
  • Thug vs McGregor – all I can say is $100m and/or see prior prescient column…

… is that they aren’t getting a “piece of the pie”.   In Vegas, I guess money talks.  I agree.

        However, he implied that “Canelo” Alvarez vs “GGG” Golovkin is a “fight” in the same category as
Mayweather-McGregor.  That’s like recalling Floyd Patterson vs Pete Rademacher (look it up) in the same conversation as Ali-Frazier. No. Worse.
        At least Rademacher had won an Olympic gold medal – in boxing – before launching his pro career with a debute title shot, which ended in a knockout.  Maybe you already looked it up. Sorry.
       OK, I am putting my money where my mouth is, unhesitatingly buying tomorrow night’s potential classic while ignoring Mayweather farces like Pacquiao, Berto and McGregor.  And I’m not getting a piece of any pie.
       Did the Antonio Inoki “fight” go on Ali’s record?  Don’t think so.
      As far as I am concerned Floyd is still 49-0.   Not that it matters, but he is clearly no Marciano.  Please.
       As the UFC self destructs – Jon “Greatest of All Time” Jones regained his title, as decreed, from on high – only to be stripped of it.  Again.  I want to like the UFC, but it seems titles change hands every few months cf. Larry Holmes – World Heavyweight Champ from 7 years – 20 successful defenses – almost an many as Joe Louis.
       Let’s hope the highest level of world class competition and boxing excellence returns tomorrow night.
        Oh – prediction.    I fear, as I did with Ward vs Kovalev, that age may be a factor.   GGG is 35.  In his last fight, against Daniel Jacobs, GGG failed to live up to his KO King reputation, and went the distance.   He is aging, while Canelo is on the rise.  So……….this is why it’s a great fight.
        They should have fought each other, winner to take on Floyd, years ago.  As astute a boxing authority as Jim Lampley told me that Floyd wanted “no part” of GGG.  Lamps was right.
         Unless you have the balls to fight the winner, please leave the track meets to the Olympics, Floyd.

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