All Things Must Pass – Judge Lloyd D. George

George Harrison once sang “All Things Must Pass”.

Well within a week’s time, I learned that the finest federal Magistrate Judge I’ve ever appeared before, Lawrence Leavitt, had retired from the law.

Then I learned, with great sorrow, of the passing of Senior District Court Judge Lloyd D. George.

Therefore, I am reprising a post I wrote about Judge George 5 years ago.

Wait–the song “Anticipation” just jumped into my head; “these are the good old days”.

Although I’m not sure we appreciated it then (who does) when I was a member of the U.S. Attorneys Office in Las Vegas (1990 -2003) those were indeed the good old days.

Different era. Different judges. Different prosecutors. And different results in big cases. We won, and with no rebukes from the court.

RIP Judge George, a true gentleman and scholar.

Among other legacies, which I’m sure he thought more important (for example, his family) there is a brick and mortar tribute to him on Las Vegas Blvd–The Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse.

What a loss. He cannot be replaced.

God Bless Judge George.

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5 thoughts on “All Things Must Pass – Judge Lloyd D. George”

  1. Tom, your well chosen sentiments express experiences and feelings of so many. I’m sure Judge George would be (or may I say “is”) pleased with your tribute. Thank you for finding the words.
    Rest in peace, Judge and may your legacy prevail.

  2. Tell that to the multiple litigants whom he dealt harsh sanctions, and refused any meaningful government rebuke in all the cases litigated before him. He was a real bastard and I hope he is rotting in a hell of his own making.

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