Month: September 2020

Vegas Fed Wynn Kidnapping Podcast Coverage

Vegas Fed Wynn Kidnapping Podcast Coverage

KSNV News 3 Las Vegas recently took a two-part look at my podcast, Vegas Fed, about the infamous Wynn Kidnapping case. I’ll let them speak for themselves. Part One: Part Two:

Andre Taylor - Street Czar

Andre Taylor – Street Czar

Beyond incredible – Andre Taylor, sex trafficker of children, monitor of the Seattle Police, has become the city’s “Street Czar”– at a salary of $150,000. See my prior posts re: this piece of shit. It is so disheartening.  I warned the Mayor of Seattle about this guy. Blowhard Sean Hannity had …

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An Old FB Memory (2012)

An Old FB Memory (2012)

You want Biden – think Benghazi – you get pathological liar Susan Rice in the bargain, as well as Kamala Harris and the Squad. NBC Nighty News’s opening tease includes a lead story re: “the movie that sparked days of rage in the Middle East”. A reporter then interviews the President of Libya (really?), who …

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Vegas Fed Podcast Review

The Vegas Fed podcast has received a fantastic review from best selling author Rebecca Forster.  I’m flattered and very appreciative. Glenn Gallo turned me on to this wonderful crime podcast by Tom O’Connell. Part cop, part prosecutor, exquisite storyteller. This is Vegas Crime at it’s best and Tom lived it all. #Vegas #crime #SteveWynn #kidnapping

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