The POP has been traveling cross-country pretty regularly due to the poor health and, sadly, the death of several elderly relatives.   I know many of you have been experiencing the same. However, I am still here.  I intend to post fairly regularly again, ranting about my cases, politics, sports, or whatever happens to piss …

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New York “Supermax” escapees reminiscent of unprecedented Vegas case

Last week, two psychotic murderers became the first escapees from the maximum security prison in upstate Clinton New York, 25 miles from the Canadian border. According to CNN, in 1997 Richard Matt kidnapped a businessman and held him for 27 hours.  When the victim didn’t comply with his demands for money, Matt began to torture …

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The Junior Varsity

It’s unbelievable that the Administration continues to claim success against ISIS as cities fall and our Iraqi “allies”, whom are highly trained and armed by us, run away. Whatever happened to the “Mother of All Wars” promises?

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